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Home Automation

We see Home Automation as a journey and not a destination. There's no single right path to designing every homeowner's wants and needs. We work with some of the best technologies in the market so that we can make sure we provide our clients with exactly what they need at a cost that's affordable. 


Your Control4 home lets you automate many of the electrical, electronic, and motorized devices in your home, helping to make your home more enjoyable for you and your family.

  • Control videos, movies, music, and blinds in your home theater using your remote control, touchscreens, Control4 apps, and voice.

  • Play music in every room or on the patio with music zones by using a smartphone, tablet, or touchscreen.

  • Control heating, cooling, the security system, sprinklers, garage door opener, fireplace, pool, spa, and much more from a keypad or other interfaces.

  • Use intercom to send and receive audio and video (requires at least two touchscreens that support intercom).

  • Monitor and automate your home remotely using 4Sight with Anywhere Access.

  • Create your own automations to perform several actions with one button press.

  • Control equipment and devices in specific rooms. The Control4 interfaces let you control devices in one room or the whole house. To control the room you want, simply change rooms (see “Change Rooms”).

  • Manage several devices per room. Control your TV, receiver, tuner, DVD player, movie projector and screen, and more in the same room.

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